How to Clean the Kitchen Sink

Published on September 10, 2020

We have prepared a short and practical guide on how you can clean your kitchen sink with a few simple guidelines.

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Cleaning the kitchen sink is essential to maintain it over time and to fight dirt and stains. With a few tricks you can keep your sink as clean as when you bought it!

In the following pages we have prepared a checklist of things to know to clean the kitchen sink and keep it shining with some products directly recommended by ArredoItaliano and our Partner for Kitchen Sinks, Plados.

These notions apply to sink cleaning in general, but particularly to sinks Plados which, thanks to their natural resistance to dirt and stains, with a few small and easy measures allow the maintenance of your sink over time.

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink and Keeping it Clean

Regular Maintenance

  • After use: Clean the sink with lukewarm water using a liquid detergent, such as BRILLIANTand a soft cloth. 
    Daily stains should be removed immediately.
  • Twice a weekWith daily use, a layer of limescale tends to form, especially on the bottom of the tanks, which becomes thicker and thicker. 
    This layer is very porous and absorbent, so it is easy to stain. 
    The presence of any stains on the bottom of the tub can be attributed to this accumulation of limescale, which should be avoided, you have to descale the sink at least a couple of times a week.

Avoid the use of:

  • Slightly abrasive powders
  • Slightly abrasive cleaning creams
  • Aggressive Cleaners

How to Clean Sink from Stains

When to use abrasive cleaners

Only for exceptions and with great caution, for example to remove stains left by cigarettes.

Stains caused by strongly dyeing foods or liquids such as coffee and fruit juices

Immediately remove with very hot water and a detergent, such as EXTRACARE.

Particular stains as from ink, ink, oil paints etc.

Use an alcohol-soaked cloth if removal is difficult

Particularly stubborn organic stains

Leave a solution of biological detergent (bleach) or well-diluted bleach in the sink overnight. In the morning rinse with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

Metal striations caused by contact with pots or cutlery

Use a cloth or sponge with liquid detergent.

Recommended Products for Cleaning the Sink


Water-based detergent, formulated with biodegradable materials. 

Ideal for daily cleaning of PLADOS sinks and all washable surfaces in the kitchen.


Water-based descaling detergent for extraordinary cleaning. Designed not to damage the lustre of composite sinks.

White Earth

Antibacterial detergent for all surfaces in the kitchen - PULLAV

Paste detergent, antibacterial and non-abrasive that polishes and protects even the most delicate surfaces.

Cleaning Kit

Brillcare + Extracare! Both products to be able to deal with ordinary and extraordinary cleaning without problems.

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