How to Clean the Kitchen Sink

Published on September 10, 2020

We have prepared a short and practical guide on how you can clean your kitchen sink with a few simple guidelines.

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Cleaning the kitchen sink is essential to maintain it over time and to fight dirt and stains. With a few tricks you can keep your sink as clean as when you bought it!

In the following pages we have prepared a checklist of things to know to clean the kitchen sink and keep it shining with some products directly recommended by ArredoItaliano and our partner for Kitchen Sinks, Plados.

These notions apply to sink cleaning in general, but particularly to sinks Plados which, thanks to their natural resistance to dirt and stains, with small, easy steps allow their sinks to be maintained over time.

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink and Keeping it Clean

Regular Maintenance

  • After each use: Clean the sink with lukewarm water using the liquid detergent BRILLIANT for composite surfaces and MULTICARE for stainless steel sinks, and combine these cleaners with sponges ECOSPONGE ideal for all washing surfaces. 
    Daily stains should be removed immediately.
  • Twice a weekWith daily use, an increasingly thick layer of limescale tends to form on the sink, especially at the bottom of the bowls. 
    This layer, which is very porous and extremely absorbent, tends to stain easily, leaving marks all over the surface.
    Any stains on the bottom of the tank can be attributed to this limescale build-up, which must be avoided.
    To avoid this, the sink must be descaled at least a couple of times a week using in combination DEKAL and the cellulose side of ECOSPONGE.


  • Abrasive powders
  • Abrasive cleaning creams
  • Aggressive detergents
How to clean the kitchen sink


When can Abrasive Cleaners be used?

It has AVOID use, but for very stubborn stains such as those left behind by cigarettes, a light coat of abrasive product can be applied, which must be removed very carefully to avoid damaging the sink during this extraordinary cleaning task.

Stains caused by strongly dyeing foods or liquids such as coffee and fruit juices

Remove the bulk of the staining substance with a disposable cloth and then remove the stain with very hot water combined with detergent EXTRACARE.

Apply a little MULTICARE for the definitive removal of bad odours.

We recommend the use of the soft side made of cellulose of the sponge ECOSPONGE during this procedure.

Particular stains as from ink, ink, oil paints etc.

Remove the bulk of the staining substance with a disposable cloth and then use a cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol to remove stubborn residues.

Finally, proceed with the application of BRILLIANT to remove ethyl alcohol residues.

We recommend the use of the rough fibre side of the sponge ECOSPONGE during this procedure.

Particularly stubborn organic stains

Leave a well-diluted solution of organic detergent (bleach) or bleach in the sink overnight. In the morning, rinse with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

Then proceed with the application of BRILLIANT to remove bleach or bleach residues.

Apply, if necessary, a little MULTICARE for the definitive removal of bleach or bleach odours.

We recommend the use of soft side made of cellulose of the sponge ECOSPONGE during this procedure.

Metal striations caused by contact with pots or cutlery

Use the soft side made of cellulose by ECOSPONGE in combination with BRILLIANT.

If the marks do not come off after a couple of passes, use the rough fibre side of the sponge ECOSPONGE in combination with EXTRACARE.

Can ECOSPONGE also be used for dishes?

Absolutely YES. ECOSPONGE is designed not to damage perfectly smooth surfaces such as sink surfaces PLADOS-TELMAIt can therefore also be used effectively to care for one's own dishes.

We recommend by NOT use the same sponge used for cleaning and sanitising the sink also for cleaning dishes and pans.



BRILLIANT is a water-based detergent,
formulated with derivative materials
quickly biodegradable vegetable and
recognised and certified ECOLABEL.

It is ideal for daily cleaning of sinks
Plados-Telma and all washable surfaces
of the kitchen. The formulation gives
excellent cleaning with a simple
application. It respects surfaces and does not leave


EXTRACARE is a descaling detergent at
water-based for extraordinary cleaning. Active
against the most stubborn dirt, it is designed
not to damage the gloss of the sinks
made of composite material. Thanks to its
dense formulation, it is also suitable for
vertical application. The product, for the
its characteristics, it dries very slowly,
allowing the active agents contained in the
mixture to react for the longest time
possible. Easy to apply and does not leave

Daily Cleaning Kit

Glitter + Multicare! Both products maintain the shine of the sink and all surfaces in the kitchen every day.

Deep Cleaning Kit

Extracare + Dekal! Both products to be able to cope with extraordinary cleaning without problems.


DEKAL is a limescale remover designed for sinks

Like everything in contact with water,
The sink may also be subject to
limescale build-up.

Limestone, following contact with residues of
food or drink, it becomes stained, and always becomes
more visible.

To remove the stain, which is not on the
composite material but on the deposit of
limescale, you must therefore remove
the latter, descaling the sink.


MULTICARE is a multi-surface cleaner
formulated with plant-derived agents,
readily biodegradable, recognised and

ECOLABELis ideal for cleaning sinks in
stainless steel, coloured taps and hobs

It respects surfaces and leaves no haloes.
- Good degreasing power
- Leaves a pleasant scent
- Ecofriendly


Two double-action cellulose sponges of
vegetable origin and 100% biodegradable.
The plant-derived cellulose side is super
absorbent, ideal for gentle cleaning,
while the fibre side cleans surfaces
encrusted without scratching.

Reinforced sides ensure durability and
the high thickness an effective protection of
fingers. Multipurpose, ideal for all Plados products
in the kitchen.

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