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Kitchen Sink Accessories: Kitchen Cutting Boards
The kitchen sink has always been considered the nerve centre of kitchens around the world. Whether it is a composite sink or the more classic stainless steel sink, the sink is often chosen as an end in itself, i.e. without taking into account the myriad accessories and accessories available.
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Furniture and Household Appliances Bonus 2023
While tax breaks are always appreciated in general, among the most popular are the Furniture and Appliances Bonus. The latest Bonus, currently active, is the 2022 Bonus introduced with the Budget Law 2022, which extends it until the end of 2024. So until 2024 it will be possible to ...
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How to install a Sink: 3 types of installation
The sink, one of the main organs of any self-respecting kitchen. As important as it is complex to find with all the features we want. Type, size, colour and method of installation are just some of the parameters that must always be assessed before purchasing. Some...
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Black Friday 2022 by Arredo Italiano
Like every year, the arrival of autumn, albeit a little late, heralds the arrival of the much-awaited BLACK FRIDAY! This year too, Arredo Italiano has decided to take part in this international holiday by offering lots of OFFERS and DISCOUNTS! But it doesn't end here! Black Friday 2022: SUPER OFFER...
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Corner sink: between space-saving and design
Virtually since time immemorial, we have been used to seeing kitchen sinks with the familiar square, rectangular and circular shapes. But over the years, and especially with the advent of studios or mini-apartments, space has become one of the priorities for many families or simply for those who are simply looking for a kitchen sink.
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New Plados Catalogue 2022, a sea of novelties
Like every year, the Plados catalogue available on ArredoItaliano is enriched with lots of new products! Sinks, taps, appliances and accessories for all types of kitchens. But let's go and see in detail all the novelties introduced with the Plados 2022 Catalogue! Kitchen Sinks and Taps...
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Coordinated kitchen
In the past, the production of kitchens was purely handcrafted and almost always required single-colour, monochrome kitchens from its customers rather than real coordinated products in the sense of the term we know today. Over the years, however, this market has become more and more ...
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Plados cooker hoods: the 2 most popular types of hoods
Cooker hoods are as ornamental as they are useful in our beloved kitchens. They are often seen only as wall-mounted hoovers useful for removing the fumes of more or less successful cooking. The truth is that their functions are many and varied and offer many benefits for both the kitchen and the home.
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Arredo Italiano's Black Friday 2021 begins: Discounts and surprises
Like every year, the arrival of autumn heralds the arrival of the long-awaited BLACK FRIDAY! and also this year ArredoItaliano has decided to participate in this festivity by offering lots of OFFERS and unmissable DISCOUNTS! BUT NOT ONLY! Keep an eye on your email for more surprises... Let's start here...
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Shredders: 3 good reasons to have a Food Disposer
Introduction As we often say, our homes have evolved over the years, not only in terms of style, but also in terms of technology. Queen among them is the kitchen. Sinks made of composite materials, three-way mixers with purified water, induction hobs, hoods on...
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