Shredders: 3 good reasons to have a Food Disposer

Published on July 12, 2021


As we often say, our homes have evolved over the years, not only in terms of style but also in terms of technology. Queen among them is the cuisine.

Composite sinks, three-way mixers with purified water, induction hobs, super-suction hoods e new generation ovens are just some of the instruments that have made great technological progress.

Although it is primarily an American product, a new ally is making its way into our new kitchens in Europe, especially in Italy. Domestic rubbish disposalalso known as Food heatsink.

Food disposer 01
PLADOS rubbish disposal

What is a Food Heat Sink

The food sinkmore commonly known as "rubbish disposal"is basically a system for disposing of organic waste (i.e. wet waste) that is applied to the drain of our kitchen sink and runs on ordinary household electricity. Its function is to shredding waste of organic originwaste, which will then be disposed of directly by the sewage system.

The domestic waste shredder consists of a cylinder of varying sizes with a shredding system inside which food waste is turned into a pulp that can be easily dispersed through our domestic pipes and sewage system.

The waste shredding system is calibrated for soft or semi-soft waste materials. Therefore, it is imperative that we do not throw fruit stones or waste bones such as chicken bones into our waste disposal.

But are rubbish disposals safe?

Perhaps because of certain horror films, the rubbish disposal is nowadays viewed with a great deal of mistrust, if not as a ravenous beast always on the prowl. But the truth is the rubbish disposal is an ABSOLUTELY SAFE device which can also be used safely by children. Our pets can also feel totally safe in the presence of these devices. Over the years, the food dispensers have been increasingly enhanced with new safety systems to prevent all sorts of domestic accidents. From the classic double start button, to the block if hands or paws are detected in the cylinder channel, the rubbish disposal is one of the safest and least accident-prone tools in the home.

Rubbish disposals: 3 great PROs


With the advent of the "Separate collection small bins for the collection of wet/organic waste have also appeared in our houses.

Food disposer 02
Wet/organic collection bins

Although they help in the noble task of facilitating separate waste collection, these small brown bins are also a big problem because of the bad smell they give off due to their contents, not to mention the loss of sewage if the bag is disposed of once a week. In short, they can be a real problem in the long run.

One possible solution to these inconveniences is to buy a domestic waste disposal unit. Thanks to this, it will no longer be necessary to collect ALL the organic waste in a single bag, but it will be possible to get rid of the organic waste EVERY day and at EVERY meal, thus avoiding bad smells or pestilential leaks from the organic waste bin.

The procedure is, as already mentioned, very simple. All you have to do is place the compatible organic waste to be disposed of in the waste disposal unit, start the food disposer and run tap water until the operation is complete and the waste flows into the sewage system.

This means that we can say goodbye not only to the wet waste bin, but also to the respective bags and save money at the end of the year.


As already mentioned, thanks to the waste shredder, household organic waste can be completely zero waste. This means a significant savings on the purchase of disposal bags e also on the taxation of waste disposal (TARI) thanks to subsidies for those who equip their homes with a waste disposal unit.

Food disposer 03
Example of wet/organic bags


With organic waste there is decomposition, and with decomposition we will have bad odours, insects e leakage of nauseating liquids. If we also have pets such as dogs or cats, we have to make sure that our little friends don't rummage around or even spill the bin.

The presence of a waste disposal unit will eliminate ALL of these problems at once, as we will no longer have to keep our wet waste at home (or on the balcony/garden) while waiting for the day when door-to-door waste collection is due. we will be able to eliminate practically all our organic waste as they are produced at each meal.

Waste shredder: the only point AGAINST

As you can well imagine, the only cons of the food sink result in higher water and electricity consumption for the proper operation of the equipment.

Each time the rubbish disposal is operated, to ensure that the mush created by the machine is not too dry, it will be necessary to turn on the mixer in the sink and run water, which can lead to increased water consumption if done carelessly.

The fact that the rubbish disposal is connected to the electricity supply can also increase consumption, but in reality this type of consumption will be practically imperceptible as each start-up will not last more than a couple of minutes and with very low wattage.

The size of the rubbish disposal

The only fundamental aspect to assess before purchasing a food disposer is to carefully evaluate the size of the shredding chamber, so that its capacity is adequate for everyday use (i.e. how many place settings we need to dispose of).

If an undersized shredder is chosen, the system may be blocked (as already explained, each new-generation shredder is equipped with sensors that automatically block the operation if there is an excess of material to be shredded).

Once the correct size has been chosen, all you need to do is make an appointment with your electrician for the installation of the small system at the base of your sink.

If you have any doubts or questions about the choice of your Garbage DisposalPlease do not hesitate to contact us. The staff of ArredoItaliano will be happy to guide you in choosing this important component for your kitchen.

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