Corner sink: between space-saving and design

Published on November 14, 2022

Since practically forever, we have been accustomed to seeing kitchen sinks with the familiar square, rectangular and circular shapes.

But over the years, and especially with the advent of studios or mini-apartments, space has become a priority for many families or more simply for many out-of-town workers.

Sinks that used to dominate large kitchens must in some cases make way for smarter design choices to ensure a kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful and cosy.

It is from this combination of smart and design that the Corner sinksalso known as space-saving sinks.

The Corner Sink: gaining space first

As already mentioned, the advent of the corner sink is mainly due to the need to fit in as little space as possible a sink that is functional and comfortable to use.

A simple single-bowl sink, however large, could never provide the convenience of a sink with two bowls or a drip pan. Therefore, ad-hoc solutions had to be devised to the point of producing technical gems such as the two-bowl corner sinks with drip tray, the typical example of maximum performance in the smallest possible space.

Corner sink 1

Plados LISP838320S - Kitchen Sink Steel

Plados Telma, 830 x 500 mm - Corner sink with two bowls plus drip tray.


FTA8320 70 1 scaled1

Plados FTA8320 - Corner kitchen sink 2 bowls with drainer

Plados Telma, 830x500 mm - Corner sink with two bowls plus draining board.


The Corner Sink: design, because the eye also wants its part

If the needs of a small kitchen were met after years of research and effort, it took even more to be able to offer designs that are up to the standards of an increasingly discerning clientele with a keen eye for their own décor.

In the past, these particular kitchen sinks were mainly made of steel due to the convenience of production and assembly. However, with the increase in demand and the advancement of 'furniture fashion', this type of sink has evolved by adopting increasingly complex and technologically advanced materials in order to remain both in step with the times and to offer a product of the highest quality that can satisfy even the most demanding eyes.

This is where the composite corner sinks came from, top-quality materials that offer a very high level of hygiene and durability, as well as a tactile feel and increasingly attractive designs.

Corner sink 2

Plados CX0981 - Corner Kitchen Sink 1 Bowl with Drip

Plados Telma, 980x510 mm - Corner one-bowl sink plus drainage board and draining board, with pre-drilled holes for installation of taps and accessories.


SP0981 941

Plados SP0981 - Corner kitchen sink 1 and a half bowl with drainer

Plados Telma, 980x500 mm - Corner sink with one and a half bowl plus draining board with pre-drilled holes for installation of taps and fittings.


Corner sinks

Plados VIA832_

Plados Telma, 830 x 500 mm - Corner sink with two bowls plus drip tray.


ArredoItaliano and corner sinks

We at ArredoItaliano have believed from the outset in the need for a comprehensive offer for our customers, and for this reason we have also been offering space-saving products such as corner sinks or even smaller sinks such as the ON4110products in a wide variety of sizes that always offer and guarantee quality and design as only the Made in Italy can do.

ArredoItaliano, design and quality Made in Italy.

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