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Composite Sinks

This compound is a very durable and hard material, smooth to the touch, hygienic and easy to clean.
One advantage of choosing a composite sink is that you have a range of options in terms of colours and finishes.
Starting from the classic White or Black, present in various finishes, we can choose colours such as oat, truffle, titanium and many others.
In addition, the taps are colour matched to the sink.
The Sink Producer chosen by ArredoItaliano, Pladoshas developed a patented technology that consists in the realization of an innovative self-cleaning and antibacterial composite material able to interact with the kitchen environment and contribute to the reduction of air pollution. The technology is called "ARIAPURA".
A Plados sink contributes to a triple action: Anti-bacterial, Self-cleaning, Anti-pollution.
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Sink Dimensions

Let's start with the basics. A Sink could be both beautiful and perfect for our needs. However, if it doesn't fit perfectly inside the countertop, this magic will fade to nothing. Therefore, here are all the dimensions you need to check before proceeding to the second point on the list.
  • Sink width, height and depth
  • Type of built-in (Flush, Semi-flush, Undermount, Standard)
  • Mixer hole size

Sink width, height and depth

The dimensions are almost always in front of our eyes and always taken for granted. Our new sink must be inserted in the correct place in the kitchen, and therefore we will have to refer to the reference measurements of the kitchen unit where we are going to insert our new purchase.

Width, height e depth are the fundamental elements we will need to look at before continuing our research. But one thing that few people know is that these reference measurements are of two types: sink e takings.

Le sink measurements are those that refer precisely to the maximum dimensions of the sink in its three dimensions.

Le recessed measurementson the other hand, refer to the dimensions of the hole in which the sink will be inserted.

Therefore, when we go to analyze the measures of a Sink, we must pay attention that BOTH the types of measures mentioned above (sink measurements e recessed measurements) are compatible with our kitchen plan.

Here is a example an outline of the reference measures:

Type of built-in (Flush, Semi-flush, Undermount, Standard)

Once we are sure of the measures of our new sink we must be careful also to another important factor, namely the Type of embedding.

The collection method is nothing more than "the way we're going to fit our sink into the sink space.". NOT all sinks are mounted from top to bottom and NOT all sinks use countertop mounting.

Having said that, here is a list of the types of Collections with a brief explanation:

Filotop or Integrated

A sink with this type of assembly does not have a perimeter edge, but fits into a housing on top of the kitchen cabinet.

Today it is one of the most elegant and sought-after solutions on the market and is installed perfectly flush with the kitchen worktop.

Its main convenience is to facilitate normal cleaning operations. But as they always say, not all that glitters is gold. In fact, this type of built-in needs particular care during assembly, in order to avoid creating an unsightly step between the kitchen top and the sink, thus completely cancelling out the aesthetic effect and ease of cleaning the top. With a job well done, you will not feel any discontinuity between the two tops.


The type of collection Subtop is a solution that immediately catches the eye. Mounting from the bottom upwards ensures more surface area available on the kitchen worktop due to the total absence of sink edges.

This not only makes the product aesthetically very exclusive, but also makes it really easy to clean and sanitize the surfaces, given the total absence of protrusions that could trap dirt and bacteria.

Specific mounting hooks are required and are already present inside the packaging of an undermount sink.


As the name suggests, this type of assembly identifies the traditional built-in type, i.e. from top to bottom by means of support on the kitchen top.

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Tubs and drip trays

Having concluded the chapter on the various measures of the Sinks, we can pass without delay to their Types:

As far as the type of sink is concerned, once the measurements of our kitchen countertop have been taken into account, all that remains is to refer to our personal taste and the type of furniture in our kitchen.

The kitchen sink can have one bowl or 2 bowls, either with a drip tray or without.

From the point of view of convenience, the 2-bowl sink is more practical, as you can perform two washing operations at the same time. But even a single-bowl sink can ensure a rather convenient washing of pots and dishes. We must say that the choice often depends on the size of the kitchen and the top.

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