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Single lever mixer with L-shaped spout and automatic waste with touch sensor.

Manually opening the sink drain to let the water drain away is often unpleasant, especially when the water is dirty, greasy or has food residues. Smart-tap allows you to control the opening and closing of the drain through a touch sensor on the side of the tap. The status of the drain (open or closed) is indicated by an elegant LED ring around the sensor. When the faucet is open the LED is off; when the faucet is closed the bezel lights up blue.

Once installed on the sink, the automatic waste outlet included with SMART-TAP is connected to the mixer and the power supply. Installation is quick and easy.

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Brand: Plados

Additional information

Pull-out shower


Rod Type

Low Barrel

Rod Rotation


Faucet installation hole

Ø 35mm




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