Water Bonus 2021

Published on January 31, 2021

Among the various benefits of the Budget Law 2021 we also find the Water Bonus 2021 (Water Bonus 2021). Thanks to the allocation of over 20 million euros adopted with the maneuver approved by the Senate on December 30, 2020, Italians will be able to save up to a maximum of 1.000€ for the replacement of taps and fittings.

As could be inferred from our brief prologue, the key words of the Water Bonus 2021 This is Sustainability e Savings. Although born with an ecological soul, this maneuver will also give a breath of fresh air to our economy by allowing the citizen to adopt the new water technologies in the face of significant savings both at the time of purchase and in the bill.

But let's not get lost in chatter and see what the Water Bonus 2021 (also called Water Bonus 2021) and how to achieve it.

Water Bonus 2021: Requirements to obtain it

The eligibility requirements are not at all stringent, but like all types of bonus to exhaustion, are subject to a sort of race to save money to grab them, since this type of funds tend to be exhausted very quickly.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Being Physical Persons (any type of Legal Person is completely excluded);
  • Be resident in Italy;
  • Apply for the Bonus before the more than 20 million euros allocated are exhausted.

Water Bonus 2021: Interventions and Expenses

To qualify for the 2021 Water Bonus, all you need to do is perform one or more of the following actions/expenses:Replacement work of taps, sanitaryware and shower heads/mixers with new generation products to limit water waste;

Purchase expenses for Sanitary ceramic with a maximum discharge volume not exceeding 6 litres;

Purchase expenses Kitchen Taps e Bathroom Tapswith a flow rate not exceeding 6 litres per minute;

Purchase expenses for Shower Mixers e Bath Taps with a water flow rate of 9 litres per minute or less.

Water Bonus 2021: ISEE and taxable amount

In addition to guaranteeing concrete savings on the purchase of kitchen taps, bathroom taps, shower mixers and bath taps, paragraph 64 of the above-mentioned law also provides that "The water bonus referred to in paragraph 62 does not constitute taxable income of the beneficiary and is not relevant for the purposes of calculating the value of the indicator of the equivalent economic situation". This guarantees a further saving and added value to the whole maneuver with regard to the Water Bonus 2021 (Bonus Acqua 2021).

Water Bonus 2021: How to make the most of the Water Bonus 2021

As anticipated, the maneuver offers a bonus quite useful to users to modernize their sanitary, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, shower faucets and bath taps. But what should you do to make the most of it? What products should be purchased to avoid falling into purchases not covered by the maneuver?

In response to these questions Italian furniture is pleased to present its entire new line of kitchen taps, bathroom taps, shower mixers and bathtub taps that, in addition to falling within the standards set out here, guarantee great savings on bills and a unique style.

Water is a precious resource and all our products Plados guarantee a reduction in waste thanks to innovative technologies and materials. By opening the mixer lever, you will encounter a block that limits the water flow rate to about 6 litres per minute, a quantity that is amply sufficient for home use. By further raising the lever of the single-lever mixer, it is possible to reach the total opening that allows a flow rate of about 22 litres per minute, with an average pressure of 3 bar.
According to our analysis, the water savings would be around 50%, thus guaranteeing a net saving on the bill as well.
All mixers and taps from Italian furniture This is Made in ItalyThey are offered at super competitive prices, guarantee tangible savings in the bill and are part of the discounted price range of the Water Bonus 2021.

Water Bonus 2021: How to get it

To date, neither the modalities nor the deadlines for the disbursement of the Water Bonus 2021. We will have to wait for a subsequent decree to find out this information. At the moment it is not yet clear whether this incentive will be granted through a direct discount on the purchase of the product or service, or whether it will be a tax deduction. According to rumours, the new decree should reach us by the end of the year.March 1, 2021and thanks to it we will finally know the terms and conditions of obtaining the bonus.

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